14 weeks!

Well, I am 14 almost 15 weeks along! I am so happy to be done with the first trimester! It was so hard being so sick and already having bad lower back pain. Let's just say that I have an amazing husband! He cleaned the house and took care of us all! It feels great to be able to clean and do the projects I have been wanting to do! I love getting in te cleaning mode but then I usually end on doing way too much and my body kills the next day. But we sure love our clean house! I went to my doctors appointment a week ago and he did a ultr sound to check on things and everything is great! And of course he couldn't see what the sex of the baby was! Dang it! Lol. Buy he did say well just come back in 2 or 3 weeks and I will do a quick ultra sound to see what it is! Yay! I was so excited because it was either wait till 20 weeks or go early to the fetal photo. Now I can just wait till I'm 16 weeks for the next appointment! I sure hope te baby cooperates! I will let you all know what it is!

Funny Andrew

So, the other day I had the flu and was not feeling well at all. I looked to Andrew and he said mom, are you not feeling good? I said no im not. I feel sick. When you say your prayers will you pray for me to get better?" he says " ya, and get the oil out off the keys and give you a blessing"? I just laughed and said " yes. You can do that when you get older"! He was all excited! I love the things he says sometimes!

We are expecting!!

So, we found out that we are expecting a new little one in August! We are so very excited!! I would be even more excited if I could stop feeling so sick! I am hoping this first trimester will go by fast! Then we can find out what we are having! So exciting!

Well, the other day I was cleaning and Andrew was going potty and he started to throw a fit because he didn't want to wipe his bum. (I think he wants to be lazy and always wants me to wipe it). So I told him to stay there until he wiped his bum. Then I couldn't hear him anymore and this is what I found!! I was laughing so hard! He woke up saying he couldn't feel his legs!
I am so grateful for the laughter and joy he brings to our family!!

We have moved!!

We moved from American fork to Lehi about a 3 weeks ago! But I'm sure you would like to hear the real story right? Well, it all started after we put our townhome up for sale. After we went under contract our upstairs toilet decided to leak all night long. So we woke up to our upstairs bathroom, hallway and bedroom under 2 inches of water! Then we went downstairs and it had leaked thru to the family room! We called our insurance company and they sent out a restoration company ASAP. We then found out we needed new carpet in the whole house except for one room. So we got a storage pod and had to put all of our furniture in it while they ripped up carpet and had heaters and fans on. It was 108 degrees in our house. Just so they could get it dry. It was soo hot!!!! Luckily we were staying at a hotel in Lehi. But the bad thing was we stayed in the hotel for three weeks!!! Way too long for the kids and we had to eat out almost every meal. It was so hard! We did have maids to clean our rooms! That was a nice break for me! Lol! But I was craving to cook home made meals! It was driving me crazy.
After the second week of staying there we found a house in Lehi that we could move to anyways. Since we were selling our home. So the third week we slowly moved out of the hotel and the townhome and into our new house!! We finalized on our townhome a couple of weeks ago! It feels so nice to have that place sold and we can move on! We love the room that we have and our garage is a plus!! I will post pictures later!

Stolen Card...

I got a call yesterday from my bank.....it was a call that I thought I would never get. 
The bank told me that someone in New Jersey got a hold of my card number and used it at Walmart and Target!!! 
I was shocked and just kind of didn't know what to say! 
She explained a little more to me and said we would have to cancel everything and get me a new account number and new cards. Then she asked me if I had any questions....I just sat there drawing a blank and couldn't think of anything to say. She "just said oh well okay then..let me know if you have any questions." 
So, today I had to go into my bank and fill out some forms so they would reimburse me. I am so grateful that my bank knows what they are doing and staying on top of things! I from now on will not use my card as debit and do not want to buy anything online. A similar thing happened to my brother last week. America Express called him asking if he had approved of a purchase in another state the amount of $1,200. And another of $1,500. He said no and so they were actually able to catch that person. That person apparently made a card when he got his number. So he could use it. 
Everyone....please be careful when using your card for ANYTHING! 
There are really crazy and stupid people out there!

Family pictures July 2011!

Justin Shepherd did our family pictures! He did an amazing job!! I love them so much! Thank you so much Justin! justinshepherdphotography.blogspot.com. That is his blog!